Thursday, April 16, 2009

Line of the Night #2: Orioles Bullpen Madness

The Orioles bullpen provided no relief against the Rangers in Arlington last night:

Baltimore Orioles
M Hendrickson (L, 1-1)3.279242195-533.00
R Liz1.054411136-2336.00
B Bass2.032212047-2514.73
M Albers1.144412033-1711.25

36.00. 14.73. 11.25. Those are not dollar amounts, instead those are the respective ERAs of Radhamez Liz, Brian Bass, and Matt Albers. Yeah, the Ballpark in Arlington is officially hell for pitchers.

10 ER in 4.1 innings for the Orioles bullpen tonight...that's enough to make Dave Trembley pull his hair out.

P.S: Nick Swisher could have done better.

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