Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extra Innings, Anyone?

If you're like me, then you are a firm believer that extra innings are one of the best facets of baseball. Period. The combination of "sweet, more baseball" coupled with the reality of "holy crap, when the hell is this game going to end" is one of the most interesting dynamics of fandom for me. I mean, I'm a huge baseball fan, but even I have my baseball watching limits...I think.

With that said, last night was a baseball lover's fantasy. There was not just one extra inning game...not just two...but five.
Seattle 3, LA Angels 2, 10 innings

Arizona 7, St. Louis 6, 10 innings

Baltimore 7, Texas 5, 10 innings

Minnesota 3, Toronto 2, 11 innings

Oakland 6, Boston 5, 12 innings

What a great night of baseball. It doesn't get much better than bonus baseball times 5.

When was the last time there was five extra inning games in one night???? Anyone know?

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