Monday, April 27, 2009

Jose Lima and Hideki Irabu Have a Home

With these two phrases, I now pronounce the Long Beach Armada of the Golden Baseball League to be both ridiculous and entertaining.



That's right folks, the Armada have now officially signed Hideki Irabu and Jose Lima to be in their starting rotation. These two were good starters in 1999, but not so much in 2009.

If the Armada sign Rich Garces and Randall Simon, then I will officially declare them "the most ridiculous Independent League team." But for right now, the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League hold the title with Carl Everett, Michael Tucker, Armando Benitez, Alberto Castillo, Keith Foulke, and more.

But the Armada are going to be a fun bunch...or at least more entertaining than the Washington Nationals.

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Mulldog said...

Incredible news.

All I can think of is my box seats to watch Hideke Irabu get lit up at Yankee Stadium with some drunken heckler yelling all game "Hideke I-Robbed-You"